Show Cast

TIZIANA PERINOTTI (Gio) - the Dreamer

Italian-born Tiziana Perinotti (MissT) started her journey at A.C.T. in the summer '13 intensive music theater program. Recently she's been acting, dancing, singing, and flute playing in theaters in "In The Still Of The Night" A.C.T. Production by A.C.T. Theater Director Frances E. Devlin, and Music Director Naomi Sanchez, in "Projected Voyages", and Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream", and also played a lead role in "A Bridge To A Border" the latest movie by Sundance and Cannes award-winning director Rob Nilsson now premiering at the Mill Valley Film Festival. Her T4Tango award-winning documentary is now available on Amazon. She also enjoys doing improv, voice-over, modeling, song and screen/play writing, singing, dancing, playing flute, martial arts, yoga, basketball, brain science, psychology, mindful meditation, and doing community service.

COUNT GLOVER (Omar) - the King of Tango

Count Glover , Co-Founder, of Studio 1924 in downtown Oakland, CA, is a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer of Argentine Tango. He has studied with some of the world's most renowned tango maestros. He is a well rounded, versatile dancer and performer, with a Tap and Ballet background that began at the age of two with his grandmother dance company in Chicago. Count is also a well received social dancer of tango and is adept at all forms of tango from all time periods and considered one of the best dancers of Argentine Tango in San Francisco.

Count has performed in the Bay Area and around the U.S. and Argentina in many stage performances, he was a featured artist at the restaurant Destinos in San Francisco and also a principal dancer for the MonTango Orchestra base in the Bay area since 2000. Count is currently the featured dancer in the ensemble Tango del Cielo. Count has also been featured on the KRON Channel 4 program “Latin Eyes” and various documentaries about tango.

He has performed in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, Michigan, Chicago, New York, and Miami. In 2000, he won first place in the west coast Tango competition organized by the Argentine government and in 2002 was a finalist in the world Tango competition held in Miami.

Lisette Perelle
LISETTE PERELLE (Ariela) - the Diva
Heren Patel
HEREN PATEL (Danilo) - Mama's Boy

Heren Patel - a recent graduate of the San Francisco State University's Theatre Arts Program, is acting in his first professional production in the Bay Area with Love Junkies the Musical. His new found love for theatre has driven him to new heights, such as acting, directing, singing, and dancing. He was inspired to do so through his love for Bollywood movies. His acting works include: Seminar, Gruesome Playground Injuries, and Evening Primrose, under SF State's celebrated Brown Bag Theatre, and has also been a part of new works in SF State's Fringe Festival. In 2013, Heren also had the grand opportunity to work for New Musical Theater of San Francisco's premiere of Chance: The Musical, where he assistant directed under legendary Broadway and Off-Broadway director; Robert Kalfin. He says that he found his second family when working for New Musical Theater of San Francisco, and will never forget to mention that. Currently, Heren serves Theatre Bay Area, the largest theatre services organization in the Bay, as an intern, and has been loving it so far. Heren will also be assuming the role of Amitabha in Enacte's production of Merchant On Venice in the middle of November of this year. In the future, Heren hopes to aspire to his childhood dream of becoming a Bollywood actor by moving to Mumbai, and hopefully making more friends. Heren would like to congratulate and give thanks to the entire team of Love Junkies the Musical for giving him such a superb and wonderful experience.

MONTGOMERY PAULSEN (Robert) - the Lawyer and His Secret

Monty's theater roles include 3 separate revivals of the Bay Area favorite, Nina And The Monsters, multiple appearances at The Fringe of Marin and the San Francisco Theater Festival, a two year run in "Point Break Live", the role of "the Dude" in The Big Lebowski LIVE, and Bottom in Midsummer Night's Dream. His film credits include roles in Funny People, My Name is Kahn, The Violent Kind, Fruitvale Station and Bottle Shock. Television credits include Trauma and Parenthood, as well as multiple episodes on the Discovery Channel's Extreme Forensics and I Faked My Own Death. He has studied with many acting schools in the Bay Area, including A.C.T., Berkeley Rep, BATS Improv and The Jean Shelton Actors Lab. When he is not acting, Monty is active as a Napa Valley winemaker, providing many locals theaters and non-profits with house wines and in-kind donations.

Kirk Benttinen
KIRK BENTTINEN (TJ) - the Buffon
Samuel Bo
SAMUEL BO (RJ) - the "Perfect Son"

A local bay area resident, Samuel Bo is an aspiring actor currently taking classes at the American Conservatory Theater. Being both an actor and a singer he is very versatile and is a great addition to any cast. Despite this being his first real stage production Sam displays a professionalism, creativity, and work ethic that goes beyond his experience.

Ramada Salieri
RAMADA SALIERI (Brioso) - Principal Dancer and Musician
Sonya Nagaslaeva
SONYA NAGASLAEVA (Bellissima) - Principal Dancer
Alona Gorer
ALONA GORER (Mirella) - Featured Dancer
Leo Landa
LEO LANDA (Fernando) - Featured Dancer, Bartender